G.B Cave, photographer`s afternoon out.

At last, the reluctant digger gets a tourist trip in !!!! Barney Page, ex of Maynard Terrace Clutton, and RFDCC member, joined Alan, Chris, & Pete of the Axbridge to play with some lights, camera (and action ????) below ground somewhere near Tyning's Farm. Oddly enough, our Chairman recommended the Ooze, which a glance at M.U. suggests is not the most attractive place……and yet, the approach is guarded by a pristine calcite flow and arch, which Barney duly posed in for a considerable time while those with anti-aircraft searchlight Scurion lamps duly lit up the scene so efficiently, that flashguns were not required.

Left - The Ooze photograph by Alan Gray

Right - Barney on The Bridge photograph by Pete Flanagan


The two free climbs in mud passage were passed relatively painlessly, with much mutual “talking down” which was appreciated by all. Unfortunately, mother nature had deprived us of a chattering streamway in the Gorge, which was eerily silent, so all trooped down to the Bridge, for Al to demonstrate the “painting with light” technique to an enthralled crowd, while Barney played photographers model again. The Scurion, and supplementary photographers lighting “panel” even proved sufficient for Pete`s point & press technique to give a satisfactory result.


Left - Entrance Passage photograph Pete Flanagan

Right - The Bridge photograph Alan Gray

Pete Flanagan. Sept 2020

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