Alford Well

Alford Well, Alford, Somerset (ST 609 316)
Seen 24th February 1987.
The actual site of this famous healing well is
not known for certain. The site I was shown lies just
to the south-east of Alford Well Farmhouse, reached by
a small road over a bridge on the left of the B3153 as
you travel from Ansford/Castle Cary towards Ilchester
and Yeovil. The well lay under an iron cover in the
farm garden; it proved to be a circular-shafted
structure several feet deep with fairly clear water.
'We had the water analysed a while back,' the owner
told me, 'and it was none too pure.' The real Mineral
Well may have been concreted over beneath one of the
sheds, but nobody is sure. This site looks as though
it approximates to a 'Chalybeate Well (disused)' shown
on an old O.S. map in Castle Cary museum. As reported
in Source 2 (First Series), the well Horne saw was
'enclosed in a locked shed' and was reputed to cure
scurvy, jaundice, obstructions and the King's Evil.


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