A collective list of caves and mines that the ACG are involved.

* Templeton
* Carcass Cave
* The Rift
* Balch Cave
* Redcliffe Caves
* GB Cavern
* Eastwater Cavern
* Alford Well
* Pen Park Hole

Maps and locations of other caves in the UK and overseas -

http://www.bdcc.co.uk/mendip.html This is a really good site covering the Mendip area

http://www.geography.lancs.ac.uk/Matienzo/indexnmf.htm This has a huge amount of data and surveys of Matienzo in Spain

http://www.braemoor.co.uk/cavingtrip/ggmap.shtml The entrances to Gaping Gill

http://seagrass.goatchurch.org.uk/~mjg/cgi-bin/map.py An interesting site with some nice overseas surveys

http://www.bec-cave.org.uk/ Cave entrances in South Wales, Mendip and Forest of Dean

http://www.mulucaves.org/index.php - The Mulu Caves project

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