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Below are the most up to date details of the tours I give in Redcliffe Caves.

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The access procedure to visit Redcliffe Caves has now been agreed with Bristol City Council; and this makes the process a little involved. This procedure is outlined below.

Firstly let me tell you a little about the trips. They are run by the Axbridge Caving Group (ACG), on behalf of Bristol City Council who owns the Caves. The meeting place is in front of the cave entrance, which is located on Phoenix Wharf; this is just around the corner from The Ostrich Pub. The trips take about 2 hours and consist of a guided tour around the Redcliffe area of Bristol for about ¾ of an hour (weather permitting) with a commentary explaining the historical facts relating to the area. Then 1¼ hours underground, also with a commentary, so what has been referred to above ground can easily be related to what is below ground. However tours can be whatever length of time the party agrees on. The tour for younger groups lasts approximately 1¼ hours.

The caves are dry with only the occasional puddle that can easily be avoided, but I suggest that stout shoes are worn. The Red Sandstone that the caves are cut from can lightly stain clothing so an old coat could be worn to prevent this. The caves are not cold, just a pleasant temperature. There is no lighting so please bring an efficient torch (Please ensure that every person in the group is informed of this fact). The trip is suitable for all ages and we have also taken people in wheelchairs around the majority of the caves. The caves that you will be visiting are roomy, there is no crawling and on only a couple of occasions you will be required to stoop.


1. On receipt of this letter consult your group and pick out two or three convenient dates for the tour. I would prefer if the tours could take place on any weekday evening; they start at 7.30pm. Please note that I am not available to give tours at the weekends. The numbers that can be safely escorted around the caves should not exceed 25.

2. From April 2014 the City Council charge for a tour of the caves will be £50 and I am charging £50 no matter what size the group is. Thus the total cost of a tour will be £100. Please note that I am not employed by the Council and the cave tours are a hobby.

3. E-Mail me to agree a date (moc.oohay|hcraeserdnasruot#moc.oohay|hcraeserdnasruot). Could you also inform me of the size of your party and their age group? A group of energetic youngsters would not be too happy with me rambling on for a couple of hours so the visit will be geared to the requirements of the group with their type of trip lasting about an hour.

4. Inform Bristol City Council and pay access fees – Please inform the Council’s Harbour Office that you have arranged a tour with me and provide them with the date either by e-mail: ku.vog.lotsirb|eciffo.ruobrah#ku.vog.lotsirb|eciffo.ruobrah or letter: Redcliffe Cave Tours, Harbour Office, Underfall Yard, Cumberland Road, Bristol, BS1 6XG. If you send a letter please enclose a cheque for £50 made out to “Bristol City Council” or alternatively you can call 0117 9031484 and pay over the telephone by credit/debit card.

5. The Harbour Office staff will forward an Indemnity Form and Licence to you.

6. Both forms should then be completed and signed by a representative from your party who will be on the guided tour. A copy of the Licence should be taken and retained and then both the completed forms should be forwarded back to the Harbour Office.

7. One week before the visit please could you e-mail me to verify if every thing is still OK.

8. On the evening of the trip bring along the copy of the Licence and give it to me; I can be paid at the start of the tour.

A very involved procedure, but I am afraid it is necessary.

You can also contact me by e-mail –


Alan Gray

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