Tripreport 2012

Sunday Sept 30th 2012.
Guy & Pete paid an afternoon visit to Banwell Stalactite Cave, but first, located and poked about in Banwell Levvy, which is very
short and much used by local kids as a "den in the woods" to judge by the smoke blackened walls, and the number of fizzy drink bottles.
There has been a recent rockfall on the right hand side, just before the crawl down to the natural chamber.
We spent a few minutes unplugging, & removing some light fittings & cables, as the "open day" season was over, before descending the
steps, and down the fixed ladder accross a small trial mineshaft. A few Lesser Horseshoe bats were noted flitting about at this point. Guy
had previously intended only to progress where it was possible to push a wheelbarrow, but nevertheless, accompanied Pete through the
short, wriggle & drop into the Main Chamber. We spent a few minutes exploring this large void, and admiring the formations, before taking
it in turns to pose for photos sitting in the "Bishops Chair".
Guy waited in Main Chamber, while Pete wormed through the choke into the Great Chamber, this is similar in character to the Main Chamber,
being steeply sloping, and surprisingly spacious, but has a rather loose, boulder floor. Remembering our chairmans recent experience in the
Hutton dig, Pete decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and did not attempt a solo descent through the unstable choke to visit
the Green Lake, the appeal of becoming a red stain on the wall, or a pile of bones to be studied by the archaeologist of the future did not appeal.
Both of us were very aware, on the subsequent return to the surface of how steep the cave dips, attaining a respectable 75 metres depth.

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